Patient Care, Service, and Innovation

We've combined our vast experience with the latest in dispensing technologies and old-school customer service to create The my-medPak Program.

So who are we? The quick and easy answer: We are Express Med Pharmacy Services, an innovative pharmacy located in western Pennsylvania.

We're not new to pharmacy.

While the my-medPak Program is probably new to you, pharmacy isn't new to us. We've been caring for patients since 1998. We're independently owned and operated, fully licensed, and CHAP accredited. More importantly, we know what we're doing!

We Value:

  • Community
  • Doing What's Right
  • Legal Compliance
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Robots? Computers? Lasers?

Technology and innovation matter. Especially when it improves our patients’ outcomes.

The results are in. Combining cutting-edge technology with our vast experience and high level of service drastically improves our patients’ ability to manage their own medications, even at home.

Wait, robots? Lasers?

Yes! Our robotics system helps us dispense medication into packets (“paks”). They also help our pharmacists check each and every one of the paks produced. And yes, lasers are involved.

The bottom line is that our patients are better equipped to maintain compliance with their medication regimes.

Experience & Leadership

Experience matters. Especially when the stakes are high.

The my-medPak program is lead by a team of experienced pharmacists and seasoned professionals. We have over 100 years of combined leadership experience behind our team.


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